Get ready to Mow!

Spring is just around the corner now and it will soon be time to get the mower out from the shed or garage. Hopefully you will have already used the downtime in the winter to get your mower serviced and the blade sharpened ready to start mowing again, if you haven’t there’s still time. It is important to maintain your mower regularly and ensure your lawnmower blade is sharpened to avoid bruising and ripping of your grass plants in the lawn. A blade that is damaged and blunt can cause damage to your lawn and create fungal infection.
In the spring it is important to not cut your lawn too short, keep your lawnmower at a high setting, it is better to cut a little off and cut more often. As the season moves on you can lower the lawnmower gradually to achieve the desired cut. But always remember cutting more than around 10% of the growth on your lawn can create stress and damage to the grass.
Soon it will be time to take a look at how your Lawn has faired over the winter and do repair works and improve the overall look of the lawn. Keep popping into our blog to see how to achieve a lovely lush green lawn for summer.
For more information on our Lawn Care services please visit the Running Bear Lawn Care page.

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